good word for Monday #5

a bit of magic is going your way today!!! world full of crap so let's spread the kindness and  magic in our everyday life! remember karma is always waching! be good this week and always! have a magical week you guys :)more inspirational quotes on my pinterest board here

Easter Time!

i don't want to share another post with easter inspirations and i don't want to tell you what you have to do or have to make your easter perfect!!! there are a lot of posts like that in the world of internet and you probably, already read some. so i just want to share with you our … Czytaj dalej Easter Time!

daily look #5

cardigan - Zafult-shirt - reserved jeans - houseboots - deezee i have no make up on but i think you won't mind 😉 i like it that way! happy weekend you guys  🙂