getting ready for Halloween

 two weeks left to Halloween, are you ready?
my kids are super excited for Halloween even though it’s not so popular in Poland but i always try to make this day very special for them. we always dress up and do fun things and we also go trick or treat, visiting our friends and family. 
i know that you probably have plans for Halloween and your costumes are ready or you don’t have any plans and you’re still looking for perfect costume. 
maybe you want to keep it simple this year and wear just a halloween t-shirt or small accessories?
everything you’re looking for, you can find on Rosegal home page. there’s a big Halloween sale running on their site right now and i’ve chosen few items for you that caught my eyes. 
take a look and click the links to find something special for yourselves. 
…maybe simple dresses for a afternoon halloween tea party or romantic dinner…..

…maybe sexy mask for halloween ball…

…maybe comfy top to wear during the halloween day….
…simple house decor? 
check Rosegal online shop for more! 


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