hello again! i’m back – daily look #8

hi y’all! i’m back after a summer break! feeling greatful that you were visiting my blog even though i was mia for so long 🙂 i appreciate it! thank you!!!

i’m back with new ideas and energy and i hope you will stick with me for a next ride! 🙂

there is a reason that i’m sharing this dress today. it was too hot during the summer break to wear it and now when fall is coming, temperatures are perfect for it.

the lemon print was a hit second summer in the row and i think it will stay that way for some time.
you can wear this dress with flats or basically with any shoes you like.
it’s a great dress to wear at work or just for a walk or a dinner. i love it so much.

the photos were taken by my 10yrs old son and i hope you like them?! he’s really good at photography. 

 the dress is from Zaful

if you look for more women flower maxi dress click here or check sidebar of my blog to find link to the shop. 

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