spring goals: major decluttering!

you probably know marie kondo and her book ‚life-changing magic of tidying up’!?  it was super popular last year and i think it still is.

there are a lot of you tube videos about how to efficiently declutter your house, clothes, cosmetics, everything. i’ve watched so many of them; somehow i find it very interesting.

on an offical marie kondo site you can find the scheme which you should follow to make your cleaning process effective step by step.

i want to start from my wardrobe and then the kids.
i have tons of clothes that i don’t wear but i can’t get rid of them so this time around i will!!! 
my kids have a lot of to small clothes and i want to donate them.
after that i want to move to my kitchen and my storage. i have way too many kitchen supplies.

i think our homes are full of things nowadays. we buy them, collect them and we’re stuck with them.
spring is the perfect time for decluttering our homes and our lives. new season new order!

polish edition of marie’s book here 
english here                              
i will leave you with this inspirations today. maybe you already read marie’s book or maybe you will.
let me know if you ready to declutter your house/life or did you already do that? how was it???
i will keep you update too! and here are some questions to help you at the beginning of your cleaning journey. sharing it from popsugar site and with the link to the entire article which can help you in the final decision!

good luck 🙂


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