eco friendly life

my life never have been 100% eco and still it isn’t but for many years now, i’m trying to live in peace with Mother Nature.

i grow up in the countryside and we’re still living here so it’s natural for me to be surrounded by woods, fields, lakes and animals. we live here in harmony with changing seasons. i can’t imagine not raising my kids here or moving to the city. i feel trapped and tired even in our closes, small town.

back in the 80′ or even 90′ it was easy to stay eco in the countryside beacause everyone were farmers with their own gardens and animals. few years later, life got faster and faster; now there’re only two farmers in our village and being eco friendly became a choice you have to make!!!

i have made that choice some time ago, when my kids were born.

organic and ecological food is easy to find in our local stores. it is more and more popular and it’s not so expensive any more. there is only a small difference in prices between bio food and regular, processed one. i’m not always buying eco products but i’m trying to choose wisely.

so we’re living sustainable life in our little corner of the world.
we are making good choices with food we buy and grow in our small garden. we’re tyring to go more plant base to stay healthier and happier. we recycle and we have a big composter outdoors.

recently i started to change the cleaners i use at home for less chemical and safer for us and whole environment. i also test various natural cosmetics.

i’m exploring my knowledge every day and i hope that from time to time i will be able to share this with you. but for now i’m sending pics from this year’s winter which still does not want to leave us!

and while you look at these photos, think about what you can do to take care of our planet and the environment you live in?

be smart, be eco friendly 🙂


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