quality time with family by the sea!

it’s winter break here in Poland, so as every year we chose to go to the seaside for our family vacation. the sea always wins over mountains in our household.

quality time at the seaside is always helping my kids to get rid of sore throat, runny nose or cough. the healthiest and most-exposed air by the sea is in winter and it’s really working for my family!

our main goal for this vacation was to leave our ipads at home and instead took board games and cards. and i’m so happy because we did it!!! we were a bit scared about it at first (if you a parent you know that ipads are lifesavers sometimes) but we made it. we spent quality time playing board games in the evenings or playing cards sitting in a cafe and eating ice-creams. we made beautiful memories!

so many adventures!
i spy little lady choosing her ice-creams
a little selfie is always a good idea!
ice-skating was a win-win 🙂
a lot of jumps…
…and a lot of running…
…after birds!
valentine’s mood 🙂
one of my fav tea…. tea pigs
delicious food at fishka fiszka
check what i ate last year here
if you want to check posts from last year winter break and two years ago just click here and here 
we had a blast!!!


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