Christmas getaway to the city!

it’s already our tradition that we meet from time to time, in the city, to see each other and to talk life and of curse to breath in the big city life.

we always visit one of our favorite places Stary Browar in Poznań, Poland. it’s one of the most beautiful mall in Europe.

we spent lovely morning together and we took a lot of photos and try on lots of sparkling clothes!

delicious and perfect made food at Weranda
my blogger gal from lifestylebyola

you know how it is with mom’s busy life. sometimes is really hard to leave your family at home and just have some time for yourself and your besties 🙂

dresses mohito
dresses Zara 

thank you Ola for being one of my favorite people. you inspire me every day to work hard and laugh hard 🙂 and you know that i will be the next Rockettes in my sparkling pants!

if you want to see more from our trip click here

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