what we read – kids #3

i have few books which i want to share with you guys. 
this time books for kids. 

my little ones absolutly love them! 
christmas season is coming so it’s a good time to look for smart gifts for your children. maybe one of these books will inspire you!

this is a book which my daughter adores. we’ve read it so many times. 
it really helps kids to behave better and be kind. the pictures are so funny, a lot of laughter here 🙂 
‚wiejskie gryzmołki pana pierdziłki’ – illustrations by kasia cerazy – zysk i s-ka

oh this book 🙂 it’s hilarious just hilarious! we love it, my whole family. there are some old polish rhymes which i’ve known also from my childhood. we’re just dying with laughter everytime we read it. 
highly recommended and those crazy illustrations by kasia cerazy, so cool! 

this book, which my 9yrs old son bought for himself. he loves animals and he really like math so it’s perfect combinations because you have to count different types of animals.
it’s super easy and brilliant idea with great illustrations too! 
it’s a beautiful made book with interactive windows to open for kids. there is a lot of knowledge in it but is easy for children to understand. tons of windows and small, simple, colorful illustrations. 

i hope i’ve given you some hints about christmas gifts for your kids 😉 
let me know what are your favorite books lately?! 
leave a comment! 
happy reading you guys 🙂 

all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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