trick or treat! happy halloween!

we’re all super excited for halloween, even though is not celebrate that much in poland, where we live. we totally celebrating it at our house and kids love it.

it is also this time of the year when we all can play dress up. it’s time for scary movies, games, sweets and trick or treats!

even our dog got a costume, because why not? halloween is for fun and for feeling like a child again!

so today i prepared for you costumes inspirations from my favorite bloggers which i love and admire everyday!

photo credit – cara loren
photo credit – cara loren 
cara and brody have always the best costumes! 
go check their page here
amber fillerup family is always the cutess!
photo credit here
my favorite bloggers family – love taza

i alos want to share with you a special offer which you can take part in: for a chance to win $100 gift card to Rosegal click here and for most amazing Halloween Sale click here!

take a look and Happy Halloween! 


these pictures are not mine, they belong to their respective owners!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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