recipe from the woods – sweet pumpkin soup

today i pop in here, to share with you my recipe for very quick and easy pumpkin soup.

the recipe is very simple! you can make it from just a regular pumpkin or hokkaido pumpkin.

what you need:

– small pumpkin
– half glass (100ml) of water
– 2tbs of brown suger
– 1tbs of unsalted butter
– half glass (100ml) of milk
– 1ts of cinnamon

if you want to make a vegan version you don’t need to add butter and you can change milk for almond one or other.

cut the pumpkin into pieces and add half glass of water. boil it slowly till the pumpkin will be soft and creamy. 
then add milk. you can add more milk or less, it depends, if you want to get a very creamy soup or not. then add 2tbs of suger and 1ts of cinnamon and 1tbs of butter. 
mix everything gently and it’s ready! 
you can eat it with some pasta (like my daughter) or without anything. 
Bon Appetit!

all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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