memories of the summer

October is here but we still thinking about last summer. it was a good one!!! even though the weather was mostly rainy, it was still great summer! a lot of adventures a long the way, lots of ice-creams, smiles and crys. family time, parents getaways, bbq’s and dancing till the sunrise. running barefoot on fresh cut grass (thanks hub) and watermelons, tons of it! 
caught in the pouring rain!
 one of the best memories of last summer 🙂
afternoon naps… still going on strong 😉
thank you summer for being so awesome for us! we already counting months to the next one!
those afternoons on the porch… we miss you
vinho verde all summer long
squad 🙂
safe place – woods
my sis soon to be first time mommy!

there is fall ahead of us and we also feel excited but sadness is creeping around when we scroll down photos that summer left us…

yay, it’s my own poem  🙂 

hope you had a lovely summer and wishing you wonderful –  colorful fall 🙂 
all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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