into the fall

welcome fall with this lovely sweater 
you can found it here

summer is coming to an end. 
with the beginning of a new school year we started to feel fall for sure. 
new season is always a change – in our moods, households and wardrobe.
shopping for new clothes is the best part. 
we switch t-shirts for tunic tops , summer dresses for those with long sleeves. sweatshirts for cute, cosy sweaters. 
today i collaborate with DressLily , one of most popular online store where you can find lates fashion styles, and here are my picks for upcoming crisp new season! 
red beauty click
perfect match with red sweater is this floral skirt

this jacket is absolutely divine
love the butterflies
click for more
sponsored post
pics via DressLily
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes. 


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