daily look #3 (school drop off)

we’re back on school schedule so morings are very busy and sometimes very chaotic for us. 
almost everyday i have to drop my kids for a school bus and to kindergarten. 
as i always drive in my pajamas to school bus stop (because i never leave the car) i can’t go in pajamas, to kindergarten. there, i have to look at least neat!
to look comfy and still good i’m wearing my sweatpants (yes, comfort over everything) i add a t-shirt and a cute jacket and schoes. when is cold i also put on a cool hat and warm scarf. 
my morning look is ready! quick, comfy and nice! perfect set for morning drop off to school! 
jacket – sinsay 
t-shirt – reserved 
pants – sinsay 
shoes – deezee 
all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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