back to school – chillout!

i had an idea to write a post about back to school essentials. but there is so many online. and i didn’t feel it.

when my son was starting 1st grade i was so excited and in for all the school things: clothes, backpacks, pencil cases and lunch boxes.
now he’s in 3rd grade and my daughter is still in kindergarten and all i can think about is how happy i’m that school starts on 4th of September. yay! *happy dance*

this is my song! 
if  you don’t know the holderness family go check their chanel here
they have hilarious ‚back to school’ songs and more!

we are ready! we were ready almost a month ago when i brought all the stuffs need for school to skip September madness. yes, we’re definitely ready!

when a parent tell you ‚i’m so sad that my kid(s) is/are going back to school’ he’s/she’s probably lying!

you’re sad when your toddler starts nursery; when your child is going to pre-school or first grade. you can be upset, worry and nervous at once but when they’re already in school or their kindergarten was closed all summer, September is like holidays on Hawaii for you!

when you will see a woman dropping her kids to school and kinderkarten and dancing next to her car it will be probably me! 🙂

these pictures and videos are not mine, they belong to their respective owners!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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