what we read – adults #3

the book reviews should have a small description of a book, something about the plot, main characters and what the reader think about it!
but mine reviews are a bit different, you can find it here, herehere and here!

i won’t tell you much about the story and characters and also i will not tell you about the ending. No spoilers over here! i will just say few words about what are my feelings over the book. and if you intrigued or curious you can just read the book(s) and have your own opinion or even send my your review!


i love all guides and especially those that are beautifully published. i even buy cooking books (and i don’t cook) because i love all the photos inside!

amiee song is one of the most popular fashion blogger on instagram, you can find her profile here. if you want to have divine instagram photos you will need that pink beauty.
what i like in this book is that you can basically read it in one hour; the photos are perfect and all the tips you can try it right away on your ig page.
i highly recommended this book if you love instagram like me if not don’t buy it! 


i bought this book by accident and for some time it was lying on the shelf, waiting to be read. the plot is simple and romatic (i love romantic books). in the beginning, i was a bit bored with this story, but later the little mysteries of the main characters came out and it intrigued me. 
it’s a first part of ‚hart’s boardwalk’ series and i will for sure read the next one! 

you probably already know this book! i’ve read it because it was everywhere on internet so i just need to take a look on it!
they made a short tv series of it and this time i watched it before i read the book.

colleen hoover writes romantic books too, but for me they’re a bit too obvious and always, in the middle of the book i already know how it ends. it pisses me off a bit, but i still read it. i can not leave the book unread, it always haunts me somehow.
so i watched ‚confess’ tv series and then read the book. it has a lot of details that you will not see on the show. i don’t really like the main characters…maybe owen a little…
this story is wildly popular, i’ve heard so much about it that i probably was expecting something else, something stronger and deeper!
i’m curious what are your thoughts about this book??? and tv series?

one thing which i love about ‚confess’ is the art works by danny o’connor. his paintings are insane!!!

here is the link to Artsy’s page where you can find more of danny’s works.


another book by colleen hoover, but this one is a intense! a lot of miserable love, romance, sex and anger! emotional rollercoaster – this is what i like the most! 
book for a night! 🙂 

last but not the least is ‚kyland’ by mia sheridan. i love her books! the romance is always so complicated and full of secrets.
‚kyland’ is so emocional. i didn’t sleep i was reading page after page and i couldn’t stop!
i can’t wait to read the next of mia’s work which is already waiting for me on my nightstand. 
if you’re a booklover like me, let me know what are your favorite books lately!? 
leave a comment or just say ‚hi’ 

have a lovely weekend guys 🙂 
these pictures are not mine, they belong to their respective owners!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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