Warsaw for 4!

this summer we decided to show our children polish capital city – Warsaw.
as we are living in a countryside, cities are a huge attraction for our kids.
our son is also big enought to understand the history of Warsaw.

we spent two very active days in the city. the weather was perfect for long walks and discovering new places with family. we visited all the main attractions and we loved it.

i have tons of photo from our short trip so i hope you won’t mind photobombing 🙂

old town and cute little cafes

perfect spot radio telewizja

my guys 🙂

łazienki królewskie my fav place, so beautiful!


we ate in zapiecek and the food was delicious!!!

view from our apartment
we slept in kazou residence
 – it was comfortable but they should pay more attention to cleanliness!

all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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