summer dress shoulder off

if you haven’t noticed dresses – shoulders off are a main trend this summer; white ones, florals and dress burgundy are must have! i love especially those with floral prints.

today i collaborate with Zaful the best shop to find most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel!
i pick for you my favorite pieces to rock for the summer! 
off shoulder and ruffle are must have!
this dress is a bomb, i love it! click here from more!
this dress is so beautiful! 
reminds me of the Hamptons and the beach! i would add straw bag and a little cute hat!
perfect set!

burgundy dresses are also something that will probably stay till autumn!
the color is so magical and nostalgic that it will be perfect for next season too!

how cool and sexy it looks with long sleeves!?
you can check this dress here

but it’s still romper season. click for best ideas of floral rompers.
get yourself a new romper for the summer! 
use 10% off code: ZFEN01
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pics via Zaful
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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