a day in life!

everyday should be an adventure, especially for the kids! so my goal for this summer break are adventures every day!
we don’t plan to go anywhere far this year, so i want to show my kids everything near our small village. 
you don’t need to travel far away or have a lot of money to make summer break magical for your kids but staying at home all summer can be very tricky with the kids – you’re feeling me moms??? 
so to not gone crazy i’m planning something active and interesting for my children every day.
you can find a lot of ideas on internet and all around you! we started by rediscovering our village, visiting farm near our house and evangelical cemetery from before world war one. 
this is our day! 
so cute! 
so sad that this place is forgotten 😦 
learning about history!
if you want to see more from our everyday life go check my instastories
see you there 🙂 
all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

2 uwagi do wpisu “a day in life!

  1. Nie mama dzieci ale rozumiem! bardzo chce pozdrowowac tego lata ale czasami musze czekac na najlepszy czas. Lubie jak mowilas, \”you don't need to travel far away or have a lot of money to make summer break magical.\” Zgadzam sie! Ale mam nadzieje ze moze nastepny rok bede w Polsce z wami! I want to go on adventures with you and your kids!:) Kocham cie i tesknie za toba!!:):):)



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