back in the mountains!

if you follow me on instagram you already know that we were on a family trip in mountains. 
is our family tradition to visit polish mountains ones a year. here is a post from last year getaway!
this year we visited stronie śląskie and its surrounding. we stayed there for five days and it was really beautiful and peacefull. 
going up to win czarna góra 
this time we took our dog with us too!
how beautiful is this view?
my son’s artistic vision of a photo with some random guy in the background!
on the top of czarna góra
fishing in one of the coolest place agroturystyka nad stawami
yummy food, nice people and animal friendly!
super fun place for adults and kids also animal friendly! 
we actually were driving a little train from the inside of the mine 
and we felt like in harry potter’s film! it was so cool! 
one and only natural underground waterfall in poland! in gold mine!
you can check my ig feed here for some more photos from our trip!
if you want to visit this area i recommend the place which we fell in love with and we are already planning another visit – villa czarna góra beautiful place with delicious food and animals friendly. go check them out! 
all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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