feels like coming home…

i left my blog for two months and i’m very sorry about it but life was very complicated lately! 
i hope now everything will go smoother, easier, just better. 
two months ago i got new job (it was my second job) and everything started to be very hectic and i’ve became very stressed. two jobs, home, kids, family it was just too much for me! 
i am a perfectionist when it comes to home life so i worked, worked and worked to get everything done everyday and i ended up being totally exhausted. 
my stress level has grown until it finally began to affect my entire family and then i got sick!
my body said ‚no more’! after few days in bed i started to feel better, not only my body but especially my head/heart/soul! i felt happiness and peace again.
i was thinking a lot and i decided to quit my new job! after that moment i felt relief and calm.

i tried for two months to be one of those super busy working moms but it’s not for me. home is my safe place.   i’m not happy when i have to be away from my family all day.
not all the women are made to be business women, some just need to be staying a home moms! and i’m one of them!

these photos are from time, two weeks ago, when i was still sick but my mind and soul were feeling happy again! 
just staying here forever and breathe! 

all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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