treat yo’ self!

let’s treat ourselves with a bit of luxury.

how many times you dreamed about a day in SPA or in super expensive hotel with beautiful rooms. how many times you wish to afford it or maybe you have money for it but you have no time because you work, work, work!
nowadays it’s really hard to stop and just treat ourselves with love!

few weeks ago i spent a weekend with my husband in SPA for our 10th wedding aniversery. it was so good that we didn’t want to go back home; and than i thought to myself, why don’t we do it much often (not only once in every five years)!?
even if you can’t get away from your work, family, home etc…every weekend, you can celebrate your ‚me time’ at home every day! it’s easy really!

as a mother of two i always plan every day, every minute of it! i also plan ‚me time’ and i’m really disappointed when something pop up and i don’t have time for myself. those simple moments are very important for me and this is just my daily SPA time; these minutes when i can have a coffee when kids are at school or having nap. check my instagram feed or just read a book in silence. this is our luxury time! those ordinary daily activities can turn into something really unusual for us busy moms! if you stop and look at these moments, you can plan a lovely time for yourself.
just treat yo’ self 🙂

cuddle in and just take a nap!
take a long, hot bath when kids are asleep!
read in silence! 
put some lipstick on!
 it’s always a good idea and make you feel better! 

few ideas for you!

these pictures are not mine, they belong to their respective owners!
pics via pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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