Welcome Spring with Style!

do you have your favorite palette of colors for Spring?
i do! they’re shades of pink for women and blue and earth colors for men!

i’m teaming up with bonobos to create for you some looks – ideas how to welcome Spring with style!

pastel vibes

my must have this Spring, pink dress with casula accessories!
let it be something that you can wear to work or for a coffee with friend!
pastel vibes for spring
this is my mr grey inspiration 🙂 
i just love this look i wish i could see more men looking like that on the streets!
cool like you
just wow! i want this look like right now!
Spring you will be fun!
cool like you men's
so cool and so stylish! 
i had so much fun creating these looks for you guys! they’re 101% my style and i hope you like them too! 
let me know what are your colors for this new season!? 
more inspirations on bonobos – thank you for collaboration with me on this post! 

pics via polyvore
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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