Try-Day Friday!

have you ever bought a dress, skirt, super tight jeans or cool shoes and then you didn’t have the courage to wear it?! or you tried it on but you didn’t feel like yourself?!

it happens, right?
it happened to me!

i really like leather clothes (of course, artificial ones) i love leather jackets, skirts or the insane leather pants! some time ago i wanted to buy myself such a pants. in my head i looked in them divine but when i tried them on i almost fell with laugher (my husband did!), there she was, a sausage from microwave! lol 🙂 you can only imagine!!! hahaha, no leather pants for me!

so when Dia&Co reached out to me and told me about this wonderful idea of Try-Day Friday i immediately thought about my leather pencil skirt stowed deep in the closet!

Try-Day Friday it’s a day when you can challenge yourself with the outfit you always wish to wear!!!
drop your fears and go crazy! wear these super-high heels or madly red dress! find the courage to show the world your new self, even if it’s only for one day!

i gave another chance to leather! here is my Try-Day Friday look!

Yay! for leather skirt! 
(found in seconhand)
shoes – deezee
choker – coralove
sweater – next (from secondhand) 
thank you Dia&Co for cooperation with me on this post!

all photos are mine – thanks mom!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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