while on winter break…

hello from Kołobrzeg our favorite winter spot! you know how we love seaside!
travelling with family, especially with kids can be very stressful. our kids are quite big (almost 5 and 9) but still we have tantrums and other ‚issues’ with them. if you have children you know what i mean 😉 and as a mom, i’m always solving all the problems; i’m a momanger! but in my latest post here, i’ve told you how important is time for yourself in all craziness of everyday life. i’m still working on it and i think i’m doing better and better. 
now when we are on family getaway, i have even more time to focus on what’s the best for me and my family. when i’m looking at those smiley faces of my kids i know that is all worth it. they love to have a relaxed mom and i’m so blessed to have them in my life. 
children taught me incredible patience; thanks to them i am such a strong woman and wouldn’t change it for anything else. i’m very grateful for that! 
having the opportunity to travel with my babies, discover new places, enjoying our time together and collecting memories, it’s what i love the most! 
so if you’re with your kids, family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend right now, look at them for a minute and think what an incredible people they are! thanks to them you are who you are!
be thankful for the time with them because today will never be the same tomorrow! 
enjoy now!!!! 
all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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