wake me up in July!

actually this photo is from last August; the line is from one of my favorite songs and it suits perfectly! 
there is a time between January and February when i’m done with winter and i’m just thinking about those warm spring, summer days. 
everyday i have to fight with myself to not being depressed about that, i still have to wait three or four months to feel warm wind on my face! 
i’m so eager to wear shorts, you have no idea! i already started to plan where to move with my family to have summer all year long 😉 but on the other hand, i know that some of you are just dreaming about our winter wonderland. so it’s not so bad at all, to have changing seasons. 
let’s celebrate these cold days because at the end of the summer we will miss winter so much!
as they say there is no bad weather, only bad clothes or bad attitude!

my sunny bike is from embassy
i found this dress in secondhand shop, it’s from top shop
shoes – deezee
i’ve never published these photos befor and i don’t know why… 
my sister took them, you can follow her here 
thanks, Sis 🙂 
theme song for this post is: 
all photos are mine
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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