being a super woman sucks sometimes!

i just noticed that i ‚lost’ my smile!!!

everyday i have so much plan; so many things to do; i have to be there and there; do this and that, always with that nervous look at the clock. at the end of the day i feel totally exhausted and i realize that i didn’t do anything for myself!
most of the time i’m doing things for my family, my kids, husband, even for my parents or grandma and i love it, i really do but i forget to do something for me!

this last month was quite hard. i gave all of my energy to my close ones! i wouldn’t do it in any other way, i love them so much but i was so concentrated on all the problems around that i lost my self in it!

i become really stressed. my face was tance all the time and i was tired even in the mornings. and what worst i lost my smile… for my kids, husband, family and strangers.
i looked in the mirror and i didn’t like what i saw! it was that moment when i decided that ‚this face’ must change!

i truly and deeply love my family but i can’t give them all of me 24/7!
i want to have some time for myself. i want to read more, i want to nap and write. i want my blog to growth and i want to have time for it and for doing nothing too! is it that much???
the world won’t end if i don’t solve all the problems my family have everyday!

now is a perfect timing do make some changes for me and for you if you need this too!!!!

my kids and i start winter break on monday. a lot of free time! so i decided that i will make a ‚to do list’ everyday and put my ‚me time’ on it! i make a lot of different lists everyday but i never thought to put on it some time for myself! so let’s give it a try!

so if you struggle with lack of time too, make a ‚to do list’ everyday and put your precious self on it!
after a week let me know how it works for you!!!

if you have some other ideas; how you deal with all the things and still have time for yourself? leave a comment, share it with us! 
have a great weekend guys 🙂 
these pictures are not mine, they belong to their respective owners!
pics via pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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