shit happens deal with it!!!!

why people have to be so damn angry all the time? 
i’m also angry from time to time, i have my bad moments too but most of all i’m frustrated about all the negative feelings around me! 
people kill each other nowadays. people suffer from poverty, lack of food and diseases! there’s so much shit happening and you’re angry because the weather is bad???
i’m asking you why??? you’re healthy, you’re safe, you have family, home, food and much, much more! and you’re angry because you didn’t sleep well last night!? thank God, you have a bed! not everyone in this world have that luxury! 
why people have to use f**** word while talking to each other and why they’re complaining all the time? when someone, somewhere is dying right now and you’re pissed because you sketched your car or your salary is too low?
what the heck??? deal with it and do something good!!!
i’m trying everyday to be a better person, to feel positive vibes, to see good even in a crappy situation, even if i feel really bad, i’m motivating myself to feel better, to be better in all aspects of my life! 
i want my kids to be good people, positive ones, happy and caring about others! 
i want to make good, help, be the best of me, for me and for you! 
i’m so freaking exhausted from fighting with people around me for not believing in good, in self growth and for cutting my wings when i want to fly!!!!!!! 
sorry for this personal post but i just had too!!!!!! 
be a better person! 
be better human! 
you have so much to offer!

these pictures are not mine, they belong to their respective owners!
pics via pinterest
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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