still in fall

are you excited for christmas?
i am! so much!!!!
it’s my favorite time of the year. i think i’m more excited than my kids 🙂

i’m listening to christmas songs almost for a month and i even started to put out some of mine christmas decoration.

but the weather here, has no sign of winter; no snow so far! fall in full bloom and a lot of fog every day!
so even though i would love to wear my christmas clothes, is still a bit too early.

some time ago i found a perfect sweater (yes, i know another one 🙂 ) that matches fall colors!
i bought it in a secondhand shop and i think it will be perfect to wear it in spring too!

so just befor the christmas season on my blog, few photos of fall #ootd 😉

sweater by h&m found in secondhand shop
leggings –  adidas
high boots – deezee
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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