in bed with…

i already wrote here about my love for sweaters this season.  fall is all about leggings, oversize jersey and high boots! 
you can also read here some tips about how to feel sexy wearing cosy sweater in bed. 
yes, i’m all about woolly, warm sweaters 🙂 
when we were on our family getaway at the seaside  we stayed in a beautiful apartment at jantar apartamenty in kołobrzeg. 
the place was so comfy that it felt like home. my family loved it, especially kids.
i felt in love with one room; perfectly white bedroom with shades of grey. 
we couldn’t resist not to arrange a little photoshoot there. the bed belonged to those which you don’t want to leave. as you can imagine i just wanted to cuddle in it, with kids and hubby, all day long. and the shoot went pretty good too! 
i’m wearing sweater found in secondhand shop and intimissimi lingerie 
looking forward to visit more of jantar apartamenty 

this post is not sponsored!
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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