looking for first christmas gifts with red is bad

it’s almost this time of the year when we start to think about christmas presents.
it is maybe a bit early but i don’t want take part in christmas fever; this year i want to take it slow.

i have a lot of family members and close friends living abroad. some of them miss poland like my sister and her husband. some are not even polish but they spend some time here and they love it.

christmas is this special time when you really miss your home and close ones or beloved places, so i want my family living in different parts of the world feel ekstra special and close to poland.

when red is bad reach out to me it was a perfect match. it is a polish company that specializes in clothing with patriotic designs. founded by two friends, to support our history and culture. everything is manufactured in poland, starting from the fabrics and ending with the patterns.

i really like the idea of red is bad and love their clothes collection. i think i will find gifts for all my relatives living abroad and longing for poland there.

today i chose my favorite items from their online shop. take a look!

with a bit of folklor
very simple with polish flag
bag is always a good idea for a present!
men classic with a discreet embroidered polish flag
this one is really cool!
this one you can find here
can’t decide which one i like the best 
i won’t tell you which ones i’m going to buy because what was a surprise then but there is plenty to choose from! 
click the links for more or check red is bad page here 
thank you red is bad for sponsoring this post! 

images are the property of red is bad.
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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