pumpkin patch

it’s this time of the year when everyone are loving pumpkins! my family too! 
we are super happy because we can visit this wonderful pumpkin farm not ones a year but every week, whole year! 
i’m talking about kids farm which is a great place to spend time with your little ones. 
my son dosen’t play football and dosen’t want to do karate or something like that; he loves horses and because of that last summer we found a perfect place for him to learn horse riding and to have some fun. he was on a summer camp there and he loved it. in school year he chose to learn equestrian vaulting. yes, i know, impressing! so we visit kids farm every wednesday, now. 
in halloween season the farm prepared amazing natural decorations. tons of different pumpkins and they all grown on their farm. every week we’re coming back home with some new natural decorations for our house! 
here are photos from our time there! 
animals there 🙂 dogs, cats, horses, cow, goats and more 
how beautiful is this!?
my family truly love kids farm and we can’t wait for christmas season there!!!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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