flirty fall with adore me

with the beginning of the fall; long, cozy evenings started too. 
it’s so cold and rainy everyday here, so i’m only dreaming about laying in my bed under a warm blanket! 
those cold days and evenings are perfect for reading books, light scented candles and relax. 
it’s perfect when you can feel relaxed and sexy too. it makes you feel happy and confident with your femininity. 
i feel really good about myself when i’m wearing just my favorite white sweater and lace lingerie. and to feel even more special i add a red lipstick and perfume. it’s very easy to feel comfortable and beautiful in bed with a help of few things! 
when adore me asked me to take part with theirs #flirtyfallflatlay project i was sure that i will share with you my essentials to feel sexy and great about yourself durning the fall season! i hope you like it! 
my essentials for cold evenings! 
more beautiful pieces you can find online on adore me  
thank you, Adore Me for inviting me to this project! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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