the road to television

i’m addicted to snapchat.
i don’t do many snaps but i love to watch them. it’s like a reality show all day long! sometimes is very boring but sometimes super interesting. i like the most these about traveling. i watch a lot of it! snaps from all over the world. discover new places by social media platform. isn’t it cool?
anyway, thanks to my love for snaps i found myself on television!

two weeks ago one of mine favorite polish blogger whatannawears added small info on her snapchat that polish breakfast tv is looking for sameone who is interested in fashion from second-hand shops and buying clothes there.
so i sent an email! i wrote about my blog, my love for clothes from 2nd hand and how i can’t imagine buying clothes in regular shops anymore. four days later i was sitting on the train to warsaw!

with tvp crew, we recorded material about how to find, choose and buy clothes at second-hand shops. i had so much fun selecting new looks in a whole new place! talking about clothes and the way of shopping which i promote with all my heart!
i learned a lot that day and i hope that this adventure has only just begun!!!

i also want to thank, anna and aleksandra for their encouragement words durnig that day. it meant a lot to me!

here is my clip! i hope you will like it 🙂

click the link below the pic!!!! 

all photos are mine!

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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