i’m 33!
not a big deal!
like a milion other people in the world.
but birthdays are my worst days! i don’t want to age at all!!! i want to be like 24 forever!

till mine 24th birthday everything was good; a lot of cool parties, no worries; then i had my first child and from that time years are passaing like crazy!!! so fast!

every year i had some kind of a depression around my birthday. so this year i decided to fight it!
after i had passed my sad feelings about new year i’d started thinking that i’m already 33.
i had 7 months till july. every month i was repeating to myself…
i’m 33
i’m 33
i’m 33
and guess what??? it worked!!!

last weekend was my birthday weekend ( as you could see on instagram and snapchat).
and after all this years i was finally happy on my special day. i was enjoying it! i had a smile on my face!

now i will cherish my ’33’ till new year and then…
34??? what????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but till that moment i will just go with the flow 🙂

my mom bought this dress for me
it cost only 10zł (2euro/2pounds/2,5$)
my sandals are from deezee
thanks to my hubby for snapping this photos! 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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