mood board #1

'you know your mood swings are kind giving me whiplash' someone said.(bella to edward in twilight! yes, i'm a twiheart! lol)i'm sitting on a porch enjoying this quiet afternoon and thinking how moods create our days! how they change, how you can go from extremely happy to scary sad. how sometimes one word, glipmse of an eye … Czytaj dalej mood board #1

summer ends

summer is coming to an makes me feel kind of nostalgic.when you're living in the countryside your life is subordinate to nature and the changing seasons. each time has its charm but spring and summer are the most beautiful here. we love eating breakfast on the porch and sitting in the evenings listening to the crickets. … Czytaj dalej summer ends

the making of

i know! i know! i should stop this but i can't!it was awesome adventure for me and i learned a lot!i promise, this is the last post about my tv debut!!! but i really want to share the last few photos of 'making of'!let's roll!my dress is from second-hand shop! 'humana' a big second-hand shop in warsawpolish … Czytaj dalej the making of

TV debut

two days ago i was working in warsaw on a samll tv was for me and my love for clothes from secondhands and the other one was about totally different thing in which i accidentally took part!i can't say more about my project yet, but today i want to share a clip which aired yesterday … Czytaj dalej TV debut


i'm 33!not a big deal!like a milion other people in the world.but birthdays are my worst days! i don't want to age at all!!! i want to be like 24 forever!till mine 24th birthday everything was good; a lot of cool parties, no worries; then i had my first child and from that time years … Czytaj dalej ’33’