life lately according to my phone!

life lately is fun!
summer is here! the weather is pretty good!
every day something cool happens!
good times!
let this moment last!!!

candy cotton sky 🙂 
view from our swing! 
photo – my hubby 🙂
first veggies from our small garden! 
new family members!
kids day at school!
fun all day long!
love 🙂 
yum! from our garden! 
hi! dress from ‚top shop’ found in secondhand! 
moments with my man!
afternoons in woods! 
looking at ants! 
first mushrooms! 
evenings with full moon!
my lumberjack!
hannah i miss you!!!!!!
my girl came for USA to stay with us for five days!
soon more from our time together! 
 tried to cross the river but did not succeed!
the dress by ‚top shop’ also found in secondhand!

nature!!! mother earth!

i hope that you also enjoy the summer! 
 be positive and cherish every day!!!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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