monday muse #7 – boho chic summer

this style is one of my favorite, i think.
it is popular for already two years and is always coming back strong durning the summer time!

i  do not wear such clothes but i love all the tall girls with long blond hair wearing airy dresses, blouses and  high leather sandals or these colorful pompon ones.
i wish i could wear them too but i would probably look like an elf or something 🙂

today i share photos which inspires me the most lately! my ‚monday muse’!

free your spirit this summer!!!

love this photo so much!!! 
this photo is from gypsylovinlight
i found her blog some time ago and is so inspirational!
the photos there are stunning as much as the clothes!
go and check, you will love it!

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.
photos via pinterest and gypsylovinlight


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