into the polish mountains

i don’t know why these days are running so fast!? on mondays i always plan that i’ll post next, on wednesday and then is already weekend and ‚hello’ next monday!!!
week passed in the blink of an eye! how does it happened anyway???
and is June! summer holidays are coming!

today, before i’ll post my ‚monday muse’ i want to share with you photos from our family vacation.

every year on ones of spring’s long weekends, we’re traveling into the polish mountains to spend some time with our family and friends and to explor new places.

this year we visited beskid żywiecki we stayed in small village korbielów surrounded by beautiful views!
we spent there five days and had so much fun, even though we got home sick it was worth it!

here are my favorite photos from the trip:

 Pilsko – 1557 m
going up with my girl 🙂

visiting Żywiec

castle park in Żywiec 

my boys 🙂 

cow in the park 🙂 
the view from Żar

karczma pod borami  beautiful place! 

see you next year mountains!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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