monday muse #1

today i’m starting new series on my blog – ‚monday muse’
i’ll be sharing with you, people and things that inspired me over the last week!

blake lively and kristen stewart are my first choice!
they’re rocking the red carpet on cannes film festival right now! both looking gorgeous!

kristen with new look, new hair color and blake with tinny baby bump.
promoting their films and one they played together in – ‚cafe society’ by woody allen.

 monday muse!
love their looks! 
blake wearing juan carlos obando jumpsuit
kristen wearing chanel
kristen so rocky and blake classical!
baby bump and this stunning dress! 
chanel look! 
chanel vs versace 
i’ll definitely see this film! 
 polish premiere 12th of August 
world premiere 11th of August

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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