back to my childhood

i week ago we have a family reunion.
my aunties and cousins came over with their kids.

it was a really great day. 
while our kids were playing togather we start to talk about our childhood times and all the memories came back. we had so much fun just by talking about it! 
we mentioned how we dressed, what were our favorite toys and what we loved to play the most!
our childhood was calm and stressless. especially growing up in the village. we had so much free time and we were never bored when nowadays children are bored all the time or have days so filled of school and extra activities that they do not even have time to play and just be kids. 
when i watch how my kids play i miss the feeling of peace and calm in my heart that accompanies children!
so taday i want to share with you some of mine favorite things which i had loved the most when i was a child.

with this post i team up with Invaluable where you can find everything from fine art, antiques, collectibles and much more not only from our childhood times!

here is the collectibles link 

i think my kids won’t know what this is!? 
walkman – true antique! 
this game was called ‚pajac’ in polish 🙂 
we played a lot in this one! 
favorite bubble gum! 
i had a lot of this notes with cars, an entire collections!
VHS people 🙂 
Spice Girls!!! 
these crazy spice girls shoes 🙂
i still love Backstreet Boys after all these years! 
‚kresz’ tracksuits – i think everyone had them! 
beverly hills 90210 –  who does’t love them?
the childhood nostalgia is on high level over here!!!

what are your favorite memories?
leave a comment and let me know!

this post was written in collaboration with Invaluable 

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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