one day in berlin

last sunday we were in berlin. just for one day to visit our family.

we had two occasion to celebrate that day and i didn’t want to take with me a lot of clothes so i was wearing a really simple outfit and i just changed shoes durning the day. it worked perfectly!

we were in our favorite district of berlin – charlottenburg and we took some photos of mine look and how it changed with just one simple trick!

charlottenburg palace in the background! 
more about it here
sunnies – carry
sweater from charity shop (second-hand) by next
skinny jeans – h&m
booties – deezee
this tiramisu is to die for by opera italiana
with my hubby, my love, my bestfriend!
this guy over here my friend in crime….
yup! jumping again! 
trick with changing shoes and new outfit is ready! 
sparkling shoes – deezee
it was a great day as always in berlin! 

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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