true friends

it’s very hard to have true friends nowadays.
we all have many friends or followers on our social media profiles; we even talk to them, sometimes everyday but are they your real friends? are they those who saw you crying, in pain or tired??? i don’t think so! if they did and they’re still there, you’re the lucky one!

it’s really hard to have real friends in this fast world we’re living now! everyone are caught in their lifes and problems.

i don’t have many friends. i think i could count them on the fingers of one hand.
all of mine bffs live far away from me. we can’t meet for a coffee or shopping. they’re spread around the world!
we meet two or three times in a year! (yes, a year!) but they’re all close to my heart.
we’re trying to talk everyday or from time to time when life is crazy. even when we didn’t talk for a long time, when we finally meet it is like we just saw each other the day befor!

one of my dearest friend, who is living far away from me, is Ola! you already know her from my other post here
i visited her last weekend to finally meet her newborn baby girl! last time when we talk face to face was several months ago.
it was so good to spend the day togather and catch up with everything. it was just perfect day!
can’t wait to see you again, my doll 🙂

here are photos from out day:

bff 🙂 
love this photo of us – boss moms!
 look at the book on the table!?
Ola’s kitchen is the perfect backgraund for nice photos! 
my sweater is from charity shop/secondhand 
it’s next
Środa Wlkp. 
these old buldings…
she really understand me – bloggers 
i took some great pics when Ola was playing with her son! 
old doors! beauty!!! 
with Ola’s son, Wojtuś
if you want to see more photos from our day, check Olas’s blog
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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