life lately…

i know i’ve been ‚mia’ lately but to be true, spring came finally and if i have to choose to work on a computer, or spending time with my kids in the backyard i choose kids and fun outdoors! 

winter was way too long!!
maybe i shouldn’t be so honest but it is true!

the weather is beautiful and every day we are trying to catch up as much as we can after cold, rainy days. 
here are some photos from my phone, what we been up to lately…
the view form our bike trip last weekend! 
welcome sunny days! 
 yellow bike and neon shoes! 
my bike is from rowery embassy
i spy my son with his grandmom
bbq season is on too!!!
 playing on the porch is the best!
trying new recipes but at the top of the shopping list are ice creams and lollipops
fresh bake by my grandmom! 
easter time with my little sis! 
miss you much!!! 
making smoothies from my new favorite book
funny faces with my boo!!!
love you A. 
enjoy spring time everyone!!!

all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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