fashion week inspirations – milan

it’s been quite cloudy lately so to cheer up my mood and maybe yours too i want to share few looks from milan fashion week! (paris fw is on now!)

these looks are my favorite ones. the retro style is the one which i’m inspired by the most.
the 70’s mix with modern sporty, casual look!

street fashion is now perhaps more inspiring than the right designers shows durning the fashion weeks!

so take a look!

my favorite look for sure! classy and casual! just perfect! 
retro and nonchalantly! 
jumpsuits are still on for a next season!
these pants!!!!  so cool! 
perfectly matched details!
classy! sparlking shoes 😉 
i love skirts like this one and the white shirt! 
another dress but i have a soft spot for them!
i’ll change shoes and bag for it but still love this look! 
something modern and this coat is what i want!!!! 
classic italian elegance!!! 
and what do you think?
next stop paris!!!
have a great weekend everyone! 
photos via pinterest

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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