what we read – kids #2

i’m done with this winter!
i want spring so bad!
i’m sick again and my mood is not so good either.
thanks, that sun is shining here almost everyday now and it brings me hope.
i know that it’s february already but i wish for march or april!
come on spring we are waiting!!!

but for now, when days are still cold or wet what we are doing in our free time???
we read!
a lot!
my little girls is so into reading lately. she wants us to read to her everyday and she’s also ‚reading’ to her toys. i love to watch her doing it. so cute!

she loves girly books, especially with colorful magical illustrations!
the one she adore the most is ‚fancy nancy‚ series by jane o’connor.
the books are perfect for little girls and illustrations by robin preiss glasser are amazing! robin won the children’s choice award for best illustrator of the year for ‚fancy nancy and the mermaid ballet’ the book that we read almost everyday!

nancy is a little girl with big imagination; she loves everything that is extraordinary! starting from her room and ending with her look! fancy nancy is unusual!!! my little girl love her and me too, to be honest!

we truly recommend ‚fancy nancy’ to all little princess at there!

holding tight to her books!
these magical illustrations! 
you can buy ‚fancy nancy’ series on:
amazon – english versions
empik – polish versions
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.

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