bad hair day

those who follow my profiles on instagramie or twitter know that we were a few days at baltic sea; it was great because the weather was good to us and the children had so much fun!
we have tons of photos that i have to go through it! the post about our small getaway will be up soon!!!

today i want to share with you few photos that we took some time ago.
it was totally a bad hair day but i was wearing my favorite sweater this winter so i put hat on and we did the shoot!

sweater from second-hand soulcal
shoes deezee

my shirt is also from second-hand papaya
i love it! it’s great with leggins, jeans and skirts!

this is totally me durning the shoots! i always make this pose! 
i don’t know why but i just have to jump! 
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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