till the next ones

merry after christmas! how are you? hope you all had an amazing, joyfull christmas.

we celebrated at home with our family, we had ten people over durning whole christmas. it was noisy but so much fun!
today i want to show you some photos from our preparations for christmas, especially christmas eve.

small decorations all around the house!
it’s an old music box which i love so much!
i’ve made dried fruit compote from new recipe this year!
it was delicious!
our tradition of baking christmas cookies.
topping everywhere!
set in our favorite christmas box!
my son did this creche at school just before christmas! i was so proud of him!
it’s perfect!
our christmas tree with just the lights on!
this year with colorful lights and gold and red ornaments.

sack full of presents!
wafer on hay!
i wrote more about polish christmas traditions here
tomorrow new year’s eve, are you ready??? time is running so fast! it’s crazy!
i always feel very nostalgic about the passing year and a bit afraid of the new year.
we spend new year’s eve with friends so i hope that we will have some fun and i won’t be stressed!?
i wish it could be february already i really don’t like january and the beginning of the year!
but anyway, i wish you all a verry happy new year!!!!!
have fun!
happy new year!!!!
all photos are mine!
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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