black friday heat

are you ready for a black friday heat?
we don’t have it in poland but i’m still in england so it’s everywhere!

i decided to share with you my picks for this year black’s sales.
i’ve chose from shops i was visiting here like top shop, tk maxx, primark and river island.

i hope you find something nice for yourself too!

this parka jacket from river island

faux fur stole scarf from top shop
perfect for this grey vest underneath!

sleeveless belted robe coat from river island

fur purse from river island

fluffy pom bag charm to match with this grey bag underneath! 

grey perfection from river island

christmas style cozy pajams 

eos gift set from top shop

this book because i didn’t read it yet! 

english tea  tk maxx
my choice for new year’s eve! 

 leather look stripe leggings from river island
perfect with origami top above for new year’s eve! 
enjoy your black friday!
click the links for more details!!! 
english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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