what we read – adults #1

you know that i love books and magazines. these are my obsessions and simple pleasures!
i spend more money on them than on clothes or cosmetics. bookstores are my favorite shops.
so today i want to tell you about books that i read lately.

‚the girl on the train’ by paula hawkins

did you read it already? it’s one of the bestselling title right now!
if you like good thrillers, this book is for you!
it is written in simple language and read it quickly.
action continues all the time and pulls you in completely!
and the ending……..wow!!!
i read it in one day and that day there was no lunch or dinner. i could not get away from it!
i sincerely recommend!

link to polish edition
link to english edition

‚elementarz stylu’ by katarzyna tusk 

oh, that book just stole my heart!
it’s written by polish fashion blogger. content can not be very revealing but it is written very cleverly and you want to immediately apply in to your everyday life, kasia’s advices. 
the book was published in the beautiful form. simple and elegant cover with amazing photos inside.
i can’t stop going through it! 
you can find more about it on kasia’s blog www.makelifeeasier.pl
link to polish edition (my favorite book discount)! 

english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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