the chestnut story

every fall, my dad collects chestnuts as soon as they start falling from the trees.
he believes that they bring happiness and health. he always has one is his pocket. somehow i also began to believe in that but chestnuts most remind me about my childhood fun crafts!

my kids have a lot of chestnuts this year (thanks dad); but they were not interested in it until one rainy friday.
a. and a. can’t use laptops, tablets and phones durning the school week. the wheather was terrible so they were bored and stuck at home. at one point they came with idea to make some crafts using chestnuts and cones.
i was impressed because children nowadays don’t want to spend time like that!

they made beautiful autumn decorations and i took some photos of their little crafty hands!

boredom can be very creative!

all photos are mine! english is not my first language; sorry for my mistakes.


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